Kathy Mays, Jungian Analyst

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Adult Individuals

For adult individuals seeking a supportive and confidential setting, Kathy offers a customized, client centered approach to addressing your concerns.  Therapy starts where you are and addresses your current life situation in addition to your immediate concerns and symptoms.  Starting where you are can help you gain insights, make changes and progress with your goals and enhance your personal growth.  Short term, goal oriented therapy is available for those wishing to address current situations, life challenges, relationship concerns, life phase transitions, bereavements, support during difficult times, help facing loss and change.  As well, we may address psychological symptoms such as excessive worry, loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, insomnia, nightmares, relationship concerns, midlife crisis issues, dysfunctional behaviours and other mental health concerns you might have.

Counselling for adult expat individuals can help you with adjustment.  Issues such as learning to cope with new circumstances, cultural differences, language barriers, the many losses and challenges of the expat lifestyle can be addressed and worked through to help you feel more confident and better able to cope.  This may include helping you address and manage symptoms such as those mentioned in the above paragraph.  Kathy can help you process and cope with challenges that may include the loss of your previous work identity, increased pressures and responsibilities in a new position, loss of support systems, loss of purpose and meaning for the stay at home partner who may have given up job or career to accompany their partner.   Any experiences and feelings that negatively impact you can be addressed. Don’t let any issue add to an already challenging time.  Reach out for help and get the support you need to make your expat experience the best it can be.

Telemental Health – Online webcam-based Counseling and Psychological Consultation

Online webcam-based meetings are available.  Distance does not have to limit your options for counseling.  Kathy has been working successfully with clients online via webcam since 2005.  There is growing research, which indicates that for many people, counseling online can be as beneficial as face to face therapy.  For some, it can feel more confidential and secure than meeting face to face.  However, on line webcam-based sessions for psychological concerns are not appropriate for everyone.  Please use the contact form to send an inquiry to set a time to speak with Kathy to determine if online video sessions might be an option for you.

There are many reasons why it is not always possible to meet face to face:

If you are living in a foreign country, finding a supportive Counsellor who speaks the same language as well as understands the challenges of the expat experience can be very beneficial. As a Therapist who has been an expat most of her adult life, Kathy understands.

  • Online webcam-based counseling can fit into your schedule when you want and overcome time zone barriers.  Regular and ongoing counselling can provide needed support to see you through difficulties and major life transitions.  Isolation, loneliness, increased anxieties and depression can be especially difficult to deal with on your own in an unfamiliar country.  When one partner is away at work, the stay at home partner may experience considerably more isolation and loneliness.
  • Time zones and distances become bigger barriers to staying in touch with loved ones.  Expats often find that those back home don’t understand.  It can be hard for family and friends to understand what makes life as an expat challenging. It can be hard for a Therapist who has never been an expat to understand.  Kathy understands.  She understands the challenges and difficulties because she has lived as an expat for over 30 years.  Kathy has lived and worked in many different countries.  In her work as a Counselor, Therapist and volunteer, she has helped many expats.  Contact Kathy  to discuss your situation and see if Counseling and Therapy online via webcam at Psyche Services might be right for you.
  • Counseling and Therapy online can be an ideal supplement to face to face sessions for many people.  For instance, if you return to your home country for extended holidays, travel for business or are in the process of transitioning to a new location, staying in contact with your therapist can be beneficial.   Counseling via webcam can be a welcomed support during challenging times when you need it most.
  • Therapy online can work very well for:  the frequent business traveler who wishes to maintain regular, ongoing sessions; for those who prefer not to leave home for whatever reason; when one is simply too busy to make it to the Therapist’s office.  Webcam-based Counseling and Therapy may be an option for you.

If you are interested to learn if online webcam-based Counseling and Therapy with Kathy might be an option for you, make contact to discuss your situation.  Please contact Kathy if you would like more information.

*Counseling and Therapy via webcam-based meeting is not appropriate for everyone

*PsycheServices and Expat Counseling is not a crisis service. All services (online and face to face) are by appointment only.  If you are in need of immediate assistance please go to your nearest Emergency Center or call your local Emergency hotline.

Psychoanalysis (Jungian)

Jungian Analysis

Psychoanalysis (or Jungian Analysis) is a Depth Psychological, introspective approach to your symptoms and your current concerns.  It may also address unresolved concerns from your past.  It is a dialectic process that enhances self understanding, personal growth and assists you in living life authentically.  You will be guided in this work by your inner world, dreamwork, tending to psychological suffering and physical symptoms.  Understanding your past, current life situations, synchronicities and past events can help you see unconscious complexes and archetypal patterns.   You will be supported in an indivudal process of personality growth unique to you while taking into consideration underlying archetypal patterns.

Jungian Analysis (Psychoanalysis) enhances a lifelong process that Jung termed Individuation.  Jungian Analysis can move this process along.  Over a time of introspection and self reflection, which addresses unconscious conflicts, issues from your personal history and symptoms both psychological and physical, you can experience diminishing psychological suffering.  This process can lead to greater self awareness, reduction of psychological symptoms, personal growth and a sense of living your life more authentically and consciously.

Ideally, Psychoanalysis is done over time, face to face with a Therapist in a physical office space.  However, because life isn’t perfect and may take us to live in distant corners of the world, meeting with your Therapist via webcam-based online meetings may be your best option.  It works for many people.  Kathy has been successfully working via webcam online assisting individuals with psychological growth since 2005.  She has many years of experience with Telemental health and webcam-based, distance Counseling.

Those called to delve deeper into the inner world of their own Psyche are often the same individuals who find themselves living the adventurous life in distant locations as an expat.  For many expats, it is simply not always possible to be in the same location as your Therapist.  Kathy makes it possible to take a Depth Psychological approach to your psychological well being and life concerns via online webcam-based meetings.  She has been helping individuals  through online sessions since 2005.  Many of her clients find talking to their therapist from the privacy of their own home is a preferred method for the very personal in-depth psychological process.  However, this method of working together may not be right for you.  Contact Kathy to discuss your individual needs and situation in this regard.

Types of Therapies available

Shorter term, goal oriented therapies include:
  • CBT (cognitive behavior therapy)
  • Adjustment counseling
  • Bereavement and loss support
  • Mindfulness and relaxation technique training
  • Insight and psychodynamic oriented Psychotherapy
Longer term, process oriented therapies include:
  • Traditional Jungian Analysis
  • Depth Psychological approach to the unconscious
  • Psychoanalysis (Jungian)
  • Individuation Process oriented work
  • Dream Interpretation and Active Imagination

Symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • depression
  • sadness, melancholy
  • anxiety, panic attacks, excessive worry
  • loneliness, isolation
  • bereavement and loss
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • nightmares, sleeplessness or sleeping too much
  • internal conflict, struggling within yourself
  • relationship difficulties and changes
  • work difficulties and changes
  • midlife crisis related issues
  • desire to understand yourself better
  • dysfunctional behaviours that worry you

Take the next step…

Contact Kathy via the email form on this website contact page for more information and to see if Psyche Services and/or Telemental Health webcam-based meetings may be appropriate for you.  Kathy is available by appointment only.  If her schedule is full you may ask that she add you to her waitlist, if this is an appropriate option for you.

If you are in need immediate assistance, please don’t wait. Go now to your local Emergency Center or call your local Emergency/Help hotline now.