Psyche Services and Expat Counseling

Kathy Mays, PhD, Jungian Analyst


For adult individuals and expats seeking a supportive and confidential psychological process. Short term Counseling, solution focused Therapy, consultation and depth oriented Jungian Psychoanalysis are available.  Face to face and online video conferencing options are possible.

Kathy Mays, PhD Jungian Analyst takes an individualized, client centered approach to addressing your concerns.  Addressing symptoms such as anxiety and depression within the context of your current life situation and considering your past history, you will be supported in a process that can help to relieve psychological suffering, provide insight and enhance personal growth.  Contact Kathy now via the email form.
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Psyche Services and Expat Counseling is a private Psychological and Counseling practice offered by Kathy Mays, PhD, Jungian Analyst.  Her practice is for adult individuals, english speaking expats and couples.  This service is availble face to face and online.

Kathy has almost 30 years experience working as a counselor and psychotherapist.  She is a Zurich (CH) trained Certified Diplomate Jungian Analyst since 2000.  Kathy is also a Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker trained in the USA.  Please contact Kathy for more information.
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Please use the email form on the contact page to inquire if Kathy is accepting new clients and to set up a time to discuss whether working with her will be right for you.  Sessions are available face to face or you can make other arrangements with Kathy for online sessions.

Online video conferencing sessions are available with Kathy depending upon your individual situation, the concerns you wish to address and whether this method of meeting is an appropriate option for you. Please contact Kathy for more information and to discuss the best options for you to meet with her.
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